Life Gourmet Catering is gastronomy made with care, with soul which respects and improves all time its recipes.
Life Gourmet is avant-garde Mediterranean cuisine. Food that makes you feel home.
Life Gourmet is a personal catering which encourage the pleasure for the authentic with a team of professionals dedicated (and concerned) in doing gastronomy as a relaxing and always new experience.
Life Gourmet has a dynamic, varied and creative gastronomic offer.

Services offered: 
Birthday parties and all kind of celebrations. A unique opportunity to enjoy with your family and friends.
Weddings: Life Gourmet is a specialist in organizing unique and distinguished weddings where the gastronomy has a special role in a this spectacular spot “Palacio de Linares”
Corporate: Singularity and personalization. This is Life Gourmet's goal in order to provide the best service to all companies who wish to celebrate their activities in a different way.

Responsable comercial: Dª. Verónica Lis.

Departamento comercial: Dª. María Jesús Ávila.

Tel.: 91 4319920- 682 14 95 04

Email: [email protected]